Studio Ficta offers realistic road maps charting multiple futures based on solid research and speculative design methodologies for businesses, public institutions and cottage industries looking to work ethically, environmentally and practically in our ever-shifting world. To realise these scenarios we use:

Fat ambassadors workshop. Photo by Ian Dingle
Bio-fuel clay product tests. Photo by Ian Dingle.
Fat waste colloboration map
Hack a fat trap. Photography by Natajia Safronova,

Field Research

Through our field research, we create a horizontal approach to data collecting and world-building by opening a dialogue between everyone involved in the project we are working on. From the factory floor to management to the heads of R&D, no matter the context, we connect the knowledge embedded in every level of an organisation or industry to craft resilient futures. We focus on drawing the story out of any project we work on, humanising it in the process.


We want change that society can implement, regardless of size or scale. Our mapping methodology allows us to build networks and cross-collaborative relationships to better situate our work in whatever context we find ourselves in. By creating accessible and educational maps, we can pinpoint areas of friction and tension within a given project. Then, we create bespoke teams and apply our social dreaming methodologies to work through these impasses. Imagination becomes intention.

Social Dreaming

We developed a workshop methodology to bring our applied speculation approach to real-world scenarios based on Ficta Studio’s slow system framework principles that champion efficacy rather than efficiency. Each Social Dreaming contains two elements, with the initial one based on data collecting, site visits, interviews, etc.: Social. The second is based on tailored groups of experts brought together to collectively imagine actionable future scenarios: Dreaming.

Campaign development

Our actionable takeaways are built into our campaign development. We focus on crafting resiliant stories through filmaking and building actionable research through design. Combined, we enable a multi-faceted approach to the subject that sees a diverse outcome from specualtive design, proof of concepts, and immersive productions designed to build awarness and lasting impressions for stakeholders, policy makers and the general public.